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Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Are you interested in hosting a photography workshop or class?

Do you want a guest speaker to present for your photography club or organization?

I have been a photography educator for over fifteen years and have taught every experience level from beginner to advanced. Whether in person or virtual, I can provide photography instruction to groups both large and small. And I don't just cover food photography! Everything from operating your camera in manual mode to tricky lighting situations and how to edit your images in post are all topics that I have covered in depth.

If you would like to book a workshop, class or speaking engagement, please contact

me at for more details.


‘Stop just pressing buttons’

"After many years of shooting on my own I took two classes with Jessica.  Jessica has an amazing ability and approach in her explanation of the history of photography and how it transcends into modern digital photography.  With the basics covered and understood Jessica explains what to do with your camera to prepare you for every situation to get the photographic results you desire.  As my title states after Jessica’s classes I went from just trying any combination of buttons and usually just flipping the dial back to automatic to always being in manual mode.  I gained a clear understanding as to why I am setting my camera to the correct settings for the image I want to capture.  Jessica helped me grow into a better photographer and has taught me lifelong skills." 

                                                                                                                          - Brian Petersen

                                                                                                                            BP On The Move Photography

                                                                                                                            Former Student, OCC

'Simply the best'

"After taking several classes with Jessica, I have continued my photographic education with individual lessons. Jessica has an ongoing, in depth knowledge of the academics taught, but is also talented in the ability to recognize the variety of student levels within a class. She provides a comfortable learning environment and a humorous presentation, keeping all students motivated to attain new skills. As an educator myself, Jessica is by far one of the two finest instructors I have met in forty two years of teaching."

                                                                                                                         - Amy Stewart

                                                                                                                           Former Student, OCC

                                                                                                                           Current Student, Individual Instruction

"Old School"

"I’m an old school photographer who has been very intimidated by the digital photography world.

I had the great fortune of taking one Jessica’s photography classes. I learned so much from herHer teaching style made it easy to follow alongShe really is a great teacher. I can’t thank her enough."

                                                                                                                        - Melissa Campbell

                                                                                                                          Former Student, OCC

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