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ABOUT Jessica

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Jessica Murga Photography is owned and operated by Jessica Murga, a professional food and travel photographer and photography educator with over twenty years of experience in the field, including a B.A., M.A. and M.F.A in Commercial Photography.  While she has used a wide variety of artistic media to create her work, photography remains Jessica’s foremost passion. From behind the camera, she is able to illustrate the world through her own eyes. Along with a keen eye for detail, Jessica brings with her a contemporary, minimalist approach to photography and styling that emphasizes modern design ideals, while integrating traditional artistic concepts. Jessica's main subjects revolve around food and travel, but she is also extremely passionate about photography education and finds joy in teaching others about the science and art that is photography.

Jessica lives and works in central New Jersey, conveniently located between Philadelphia and Manhattan.  Although the Jersey shore is Jessica's home base, she regularly travels to cities near and far in search of the cuisine and culture that serve as her inspiration. 

Why Food and Travel?

Food and travel go hand in hand. Food is an expression of culture and a part of daily life. Whether it’s buying, ordering, planting, preparing, portioning, plating, serving or simply consuming it, everyone experiences food in one way or another. Cuisine is a mark of heritage, social standing, tradition, etiquette and training. It holds the power to endear or to repulse, to join in celebration or cause controversy.  Food is a language spoken across the globe.

Food inherently lends itself to being photographed. Bright colors, endless textures and uncommon forms come together as willing subjects for the camera.  Without question, food in all forms is art. Everything from the ornate commemorative birthday cake, to the simple organic egg, right down to the most unconventional creation imaginable is edible art in the making. Jessica's photography creatively and uniquely combines her passion for travel with the culinary beauty that is food, while reflecting the colors and textures of diverse cultures worldwide.

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